Hollywood isn’t the only dream factory. For more than 75 years, Cinecittà Studios has stood on the outskirts of Rome, the backdrop for thousands of films. Today its hundred acres stand nearly abandoned, littered with movie props and empty sound stages. Italian photographer Luca Locatelli dragged his medium format camera through the studio’s lifeless scaffolding and studios hunting for ghosts of cinema past.

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Evening Sketches by Adam Rosenlund. 2014.

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Miley Cyrus laid bare for W

Olivia Wilde for Maxim

Melanie Sykes for Esquire

In the 1578, the remains of many Christian martyrs were discovered in underground tombs under Rome. They were excavated and transported to different Catholic churches, supposedly to replace holy relics that were destroyed during the Protestant Reformation. The skeletons were then outfitted with all the gold a corpse could ask for. This display of wealth was a reminder of the treasures one could earn in the afterlife. Enter photographer Paul Koudounaris; he specializes in taking photographs of mummies, skeletal reliquaries, and other aspects of the dead. He managed to gain access to the institutions that hold these relics and took their photographs for the first time in history. He compiled the photos in a book called Heavenly Bodies.

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 “Animal Equality” is an international non-profit animal rights organization whose purpose is “to achieve equal consideration and respect for animals, and the abolition of animal slavery”. The group is known to organize street demonstration to promote respect for animals. Unlike PETA, who organized an identical demonstration three years ago, “Animal Equality” also carry out direct actions such as rescuing pigs from slaughterhouses, and raiding warehouses where 40,000 were held captive hens. In June 2008, they carried out two joint operations in the La Monumental bullring in Barcelona after one of the bulls died. 

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The Hubble Telescopes’ Most Fantastic Photographs
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Words cannot describe the awesomeness of Michael Muller's photography

London based photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz is known for taking high speed photography to the extreme. His  latest endeavor involves nostalgia, naked girls and some incredibly well executed high speed photographs of milk. The project aims at creating a pin up calendar inspired by the popular pinup calendars of the 40’s and 50’s. Only instead of clothing, the models are wearing milk. Milk frozen with high speed strobes. While none of the milk is illustrated, it is created from layering splashes from hundreds of individual photographs. Each taken with (real) milk splashed across (real) bodies.

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Codex Seraphinianus by Italian artist Luigi Serafini is a window on a bizarre fantasy world complete with its own unique (unreadable) alphabet and numerous illustrations that borrow from the modern age but veer into the extremely unusual.
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The illusion and fantasy of drag is presented in this brilliant collection by New York-based photographer, Leland Bobbé, who has captured portraits of stunning drag queens in half drag for his ongoing project ‘Half-Drag…A Different Kind of Beauty’. These images are not digitally composed or altered, instead captured in a single photo by Bobbé.

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Kevin Wada


Oscar Delmar's Sexual Healing