Oh Jezebel, you have really done it this time. With either too much time (or length?) on their hands, the team recently brainstormed how the, erm, genitalia of various Disney princes should look and then passed the brief (or not so brief, as the case may be) onto in-house illustrator Tara Jacoby who put a clearly active imagination to use. The results are kind of epic, in more ways than one. No wonder these gents were in such hot demand!

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Richey Beckett is an illustrator based in South Wales, UK. He works in pen and ink, creating original illustrations for record cover artwork, shirt design and poster art. Some of his clients include Metallica, Mastodon, Converge, Kvelertak, Trash Talk, New Found Glory, Sick Of It All, Mondo (Game Of Thrones/Lord Of The Rings/Army Of Darkness).

Matt Story is a comtemporary American oil painter creating gorgeous underwater works of photorealistic beauties. His paintings tell a simple narrative based on fluidity in movement, free flowing forms and the obvious seduction that go along with his models. Take advantage of these last days of summer and get wet.

Devin Lawsonhas been scribbling ever since he could hold a pencil. He moved on to art school as a young man and received a degree in animation from the Art Institute of Houston. After graduating, he worked freelance for game companies, film studios and design firms. This series re-imagines Batman ladyvillains in awesome, seductive poses.

Marvel released a variant cover for its November-debuting “Spider-Woman” #1 on Monday, illustrated by noted artist Milo Manara. The cover quickly received widespread criticism on multiple online outlets — both mainstream and genre-focused — for what has been argued to be a blatantly sexualized portrayal of the character, at a time when there has been a particular focus on the comic book industry’s treatment of female characters, creators and fans.

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Dan Kuhlken and Nathan Goldman were both drawn to music, film and design at an early age, but didn’t combine their talents until 2005 when the duo founded a design studio with the goal of fusing these creative avenues. The pair has found a niche in linking a personal and unique aesthetic to the world’s most talented and iconic musical artists, brands, and businesses- thus creatingDKNG Studios.

Jelena Neskovic is an illustrator in Belgrade, Serbia, whose patterned-animal images are reminiscent of tattoo artwork meshed with traditional folk designs. She also turns these designs into beautiful color-shifting gifs, and a series of t-shirts as well.

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Los Angeles-based artist Asad Faulwell heavily ornate, large works are reminscent of middle eastern tapestries and depict female combatants from the Algerian War of Independence, attempting to show how the women were both aggressors and victims.

Martin Bailey, who is based in Tokyo but works across all seven continents, is the nature photographer behind these statuesque shots of Antarctica icebergs. These are so, so beautiful we wish Antarctica was more accessible to us.

In Indonesia, a peculiar cultural phenomenon has sprouted among that country’s Muslims that have gotten Indonesian Islamic scholars hopping mad: “jilboobs" has entered the popular vocabulary, and it’s pretty much what you think it is.

A portmanteau of “jilbab”, the traditional loose-fitting garment worn by Arab and Muslim women the world over, and, well, “boobs”, the fashion concept of “jilboobs” focuses on Muslim women who don the headscarves required of them by their religion - but still manage to somehow show off their curves. 

There is, of course, several Facebook pages dedicated to the new trend. This one, which ha been up since January this year, has the most Likes, with almost 30,000 at the time of writing.  

Tupai.com.my's Safina Othman reports that the Indonesian Ulama Council (MUI) has vehemently condemned the trend and has issued a fatwa declaring “jilboobs” haram, or expressly forbidden for Muslims.

MUI deputy chief Ma’aruf Amin told The Globe Journal that the fatwa was issued as the manner of dress that is part and parcel of “jilboobs” does not correspond to Islamic principles of preserving one’s modesty, even if the women in question are covering their heads. 

"There have already been MUI fatwas issued against pornography, which include prohibitions against displaying the shape of the body, and wearing tight-fitting clothes even while wearing the headscarf. MUI strongly forbids (this fashion trend).

"If one part of the body is  adequately covered, but others are displayed immodestly, it is still forbidden," he said. 

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Jay Tablante Photography’s cosplay shoots are probably the best we’ve ever seen!

Iain Macarthur was born in Swindon, England and is influenced by artists like Mucha, Klimt and Freud. His work can be described as surreal and unique in its own way— he creates portraits of ordinary people in an unusual way, forming them out of embellished patterns and marks. He specializes in shirt designs, prints, posters, album art and editorial illustrations.

These fabulous pulp covers come from the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library‘s collection of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer materials representing “the fields of history, literature, cultural studies, popular culture, the arts, and design.” This selection come from the “Golden Age” of lesbian pulp fiction between 1950 and 1965, when several hundred lesbian pulp novels were published and sold in their millions. The covers often mixed lurid and sensationalist images with suggestive tag-lines. Authors were said to have “frequently complained that the illustrations rarely matched plots.” You can read more about the “Golden Age” of lesbian pulp fiction here.

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Absolutely beautiful oil prints of Disney Princesses by Heather Theurer

In this intriguing series of black and white photographs, Madrid-based Naama Sarid-Maletá melds the precise angles of architecture and the fluid movement of the female figure, resulting in a composite image that is almost painterly in its expressive quality.